A downloadable game for Windows

Classic arcade action delivered as turn-based tactics.

  • Quick games with lightning fast restart - zero tedium.
  • Feels good played fast, or take your time to plan.
  • Face a variety of robots in tricky positional battles.
  • Six radically different weapons to master.
  • Smart use of powerups is the way to win.
  • Boss fight on level 10.

Made for the 2017 7-day roguelike challenge (7DRL). Improvements have been added since, but that version will also remain available for download.

Update History:

v1.3: Balance changes

  • Shotgun now causes knockback, giving it a unique ability to clear space
  • Grenade launcher self-damage on point-blank shots changed from guaranteed to 50% chance

v1.2: Balance changes, more Gameover screens


  • Slugger applies a stun effect on hit
  • Enforcers cannot attack when adjacent and keep distance
  • Enemies prefer moves that do not step onto powerups
  • Slightly reduced Pinky spawns in later levels
  • Treasure and some humans spawn closer to player

New Gameover screens to add variety


  • Sword action count display corrected on first turn of new level
  • Humans no longer spawn on top of powerups
  • Empty treasure chest doesn't play pickup sound when walked over

v1.1: Post-7DRL improvements based on player feedback. Includes Mouse support, Balance Changes, New Slugger Weapon


  • Players can aim/shoot w mouse or keyboard now
  • New Victory screen better celebrates a win!
  • Better color scheme for pickups preserves blue for "shooting enemy"
  • Enemies no longer spawn atop pickups, level easier to read at start
  • Heart/Shield/Hit graphic effects for clearer learning of rules
  • Balance changes to improve weakest weapons:
    • Beam passes thru all enemies now
    • Grenade explodes to more spots, but doesn't push
  • New weapon, slugger:
    • Kicks back w/ a 1-cell move
    • Knocks back enemies that survive
    • 2 damage
  • Moved weapons into "treasure chest" because players were overlooking. Now gives 3 weapons instead of 2.
  • Several small bugfixes

v1.01: Original 7DRL challenge entry, except fixed broken sound asset w/ grenade launcher. Gameplay identical.

Install instructions

Unzip and run turbotron.exe


Turbotron-v1.3.zip 19 MB
turbotron-v1.01-7DRL.zip 16 MB


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Could you add the option to move with right click?