A downloadable game for Windows and Android

A mobile-friendly turn-based/grid-based game where you always move forward, in addition to whatever action you take for your turn.  Made alone in a few days for 7DRL 2020.

The level shape is designed to fit well on a phone screen, I wanted to explore if I could get reasonably interesting tactics in that form factor, with just a few available actions.

7DRL gives you 7 days, but I was not able to use most of it...  The result is a bit light on features.  I wanted to have more upgrades to create some variety, but I hope it's at least fun to fire off a few rockets.

I submitted the PC build during the 7 day limit.  The Android APK was uploaded later, but is exactly the same functionality, just on a different platform.

Install instructions

PC: Unzip and run the exe inside

Android:  If you trust that I'm not a hacker and have the stomach for severe warning messages, download the APK to your phone and tap on it (for example in your file navigation app) the phone should walk you though the install process.  The APK has exactly the same features as the PC version, and requires zero permissions.


RunnerGunner7DRL.apk (Android) 10 MB
RunnerGunner-7DRL PC 19 MB

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