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This game explored multiple experimental mechanics, and was my submission for the 2015 7-day roguelike challenge (7drl).

Unusual Mechanics:

- Time moves only when you do, letting you approach an arcade dodge-and-shoot game more like it was turn-based

- Control two characters simultaneously with your keypresses, a very strange experience that would overwhelm in realtime but becomes interesting when you can stop to look and plan

- A 1HP system, but with a unique rescue mechanic that allows you to recover from one mistake but not two, meaning that crisis always looms but instadeath is avoided

More ordinary features include permadeath, a final boss fight, and a variety of enemies, weapons, and items so that you can approach the game differently with different builds.

I feel that making this game taught me some of the problems with continuous space and time that exist even when a player can stop to think, and helped evolve my thinking about game design. Give it a spin and see if you learn anything new!


The web version is the most complete, but omits one important fact in the instructions: you fire your secondary weapon with right click.

The original submission to the 7DRL is still available as a PC download, it has less content and lacks a few minor adjustments to the controls.

Install instructions

Web: open in browser

PC: unzip and run the .exe


SecondStepperPC_alpha-04.zip 9 MB
Original 7DRL Version (SecondStepperPC.zip) 7 MB